People Music

Сряда, 07 Април 2010г. 22:10ч.

The global perspective of music: we live in an increasingly smaller “global village.” With advance in worldwide transportation and communication and with increasingly mobile societies, it seems not only appropriate but also necessary to develop a global perspective of music. A global perspective of music is a sense of the lifestyles, traditions, values and the music of several nations and cultures throughout the world. An awareness of the diversity within our national boundaries that has contributed significantly and beneficially to the cultural richness of our land.

The diversity of musical styles that exist in the United States includes Western European “classical” music (art music) and a number of “popular” music styles derived largely from Western European ways of making music. These styles include pop, folk, country, and rock. Other styles, including jazz, blues, and various ethnic music, are the result of a blending of cultures and traditions. All these styles constitute an important part of music in American society, styles that constitute “American music.”

The ethnic diversity: part of the cultural richness of our nation is derived from its ethnic diversity and its large number of ethnic groups.